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Bliss Kiss Simply Crystal Nail File (Small) - Czech Glass - with case and sleeve | Small Nail File

  • Czech Glass - also known as crystal
  • Durable & Double-sided
  • Life-long filing surface
  • Can be disinfected in many ways, including UV light
  • BONUS Case and Sleeve Included

**Bliss Kiss Crystal Nail File - Small** The Highest Quality Nail File Our Bliss Kiss branded nail files are created by Mont Bleu. They're high quality, crystal files that are made from Czech tempered glass, sometimes referred to as crystal. The Czech Republic has always been one of the leading countries in glass production, using the oldest production traditions. We can assure you our crystal glass nail files are the best quality available on the market. When we choose to carry a product by another manufacturer, Ana searches and tests extensively to find the best products to make your life easier. Mont Bleu files are her favorite. They have the capability to gently file smooth edges as well as take down length with added pressure. There are several other features that make Mont Bleu crystal nail files better when compared to other nail files. The most well-known feature are their high hygienic standards. Crystal nail files can be disinfected in many ways, including UV light. They also have a life-long filing surface that won't wear down like cheaper glass files. Mont Bleu files are durable because they are almost unbreakable. **Which size is right for me: Large File, Small File, or BOTH?** The large nail file 5.38 inches (13.7 cm) long, is in a black velvet case, and has the Bliss Kiss logo printed on the handle. The usable filing surface is 2.5 inches (6.4 cm). If you are looking for the perfect travel size file, our small nail file is the one for you! At 3.5 inches (9 cm) long, our small ruby nail file comes in a white plastic case and has the Bliss Kiss logo printed on the handle. The usable filing surface is 2.25 inches (5.71 cm). **About the Case** Each case is crafted from a sturdy, shiny red plastic designed to keep your Simply Crystal nail file stylishly snug, safe and sound. View Details

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