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Colorescience Brow Kit, Mineral Eyebrow Makeup Powder & Shaping Brush, Light to Medium Shades

  • Save yourself the hassle of complicated tinting kits and harsh pencils with this dynamic mineral make up palette used by professionals for grooming and filler for a classic NYC brow
  • Achieve a perfectly blended highlight, contour, and dark bold brow with this set of light to medium colors with a doubled-headed brush for more precise drawing
  • Depending on your brow color, combine 2 to 3 shades to define and shape, then apply the highlighter shade to soften or enhance the brow bone based on your preferred styling

" Shape and define with Colorescience Pressed Mineral Brow Kit. Customizable for all brow colors, it’s all you need to highlight, shade, and brighten from regular days to your wildest nights. Net Wt. 9.5 g / 0.33 oz Begin with a shade lighter than your desired look, as minerals will darken slightly once applied Depending on your brow and hair color, we recommend a combination of 2 or 3 shades to achieve the perfect finish Once you've filled in and shaped your brows; use the brightening, neutral shade to highlight under the brows to enhance their shape Gluten-free: Yes Paraben-free: Yes Unscented: No Originally crafted for vulnerable skin, Colorescience's health-forward ingredient formulas have already improved millions of lives by providing confidence and reassurance to women of all ages, skin types, and concerns. Trusted, recommended, and personally used by thousands of physicians, each of our uncompromising products offer 365-day protection against UV rays and other environmental stressors. Blendable and breathable, our line features custom- refined minerals and nutrient-rich ingredients—everything your skin needs to age well, nothing it doesn't. colorescience sets the standard for beautiful, healthy skin care. Immediate radiance, lasting results—that’s our commitment to you. " View Details

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