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Jack Black Stick Fresh Mint Natural Lip Balm

  • Cocoa Butter & Jojoba Oil deliver nourishing hydration.
  • Vitamin C offers antioxidant protection.
  • Natural Peppermint Oil aids in healing and gives a subtle yet refreshing cool mint flavor.

The Stick Natural Lip Balm is a fast-acting moisturizing lip treatment that offers quick relief in a classic roll-up stick. The natural ingredients include cocoa butter, jojoba oil and natural peppermint oil, which delivers a subtle, refreshing cool mint flavor. Jack Black’s Natural Lip Balm is an ideal product to use at home, on the road, at work, or anywhere you travel. It comes in a 0.15 oz. stick and is simple to keep in any size pocket. It contains multiple natural ingredients, including cocoa butter and jojoba oil, which deliver nourishing hydration to the lips as soon as applied. Vitamin C offers antioxidant protection against the elements that commonly cause chapped, dry lips. The addition, natural peppermint oil provides a subtle, refreshing mint flavor. All Jack Black products are carefully formulated with the finest ingredients to be highly effective, yet easy to use. Every Jack Black product is dermatologist tested, paraben free, cruelty free, and free of harsh surfactants. Almost all products in our line are vegan, free of artificial colorants, safe for sensitive skin, and made in the USA. For optimal results, apply the Stick Natural Lip Balm to lips whenever they feel dry or chapped. View Details

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