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PHYTO CURL LEGEND Botanical Curl Energizing Spray | Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Silicone Free | All types of Curls | Ultra- Nourishing, Hydrates, Defined Full-Body Curls, Ultra-Soft Finish, Anti-Frizz

  • Defines loose to tight curls
  • Bouncy, ultra-soft and shiny curls
  • Light weight curl definition
  • Frizz and flake free
  • Hydrates all types of curls

Curl Legend Spray is designed to address all types of curls. Hydrates and defines loose to tight curls. Enriched with ultra-nourishing, protein-packed Botanical caviar, this curl refreshing spray creates sublime, full-body curls without the weight. Elasticurl, a natural curl enhancer, redesigns curls and holds their shape. Curls are greaseless, shine and bounce with an ultra-soft lasting touch. SULFATE FREE | PARABEN FREE | SILICONE FREE | GLUTEN FREE View Details

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