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PHYTOCOLOR Protecting Mask, 5.29 Fl. oz

This nourishing mask protects color-treated and highlighted hair to provide shine and vibrancy to hair by prolonging color. The Karanja oil and Hibiscus extraction neutralize particles found in water to protect hair from oxidation and nourish the hair fiber, while absorbing UV rays and protecting from external aggressors. Bullets: Nourishes and restructures the hair fiber. Soothes and restores scalp comfort. Locks-in color intensity and prevents oxidation. Hair is enveloped in a delicious, subtle scent. Key Ingredients: Tara tannins and Sunflower sprouts extract: This duo of active ingredients provide an exceptional protective action. A powerful antioxidant, limits the deterioration of pigments, prevents copper molecules present in some water from adhering onto the fiber and protects color from fading and oxidizing. Hibiscus extraction: With its highly organic acid content, its extract neutralizes the alkalinity of color treatments and gently smoothest the scales of the fiber to make hair shine. Its high mucilage content also gives its hydrating and emollient properties. Karanja oil: Rich in fatty acids, precious Karanja oil nourishes the fiber and strengthens its hydrolipid film. With its high flavonoid content, it naturally absorbs a proportion of UV rays and strengthens the photo-protective action in the presence of a filter. View Details

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