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Best Tanning Towels Set: 10 towelettes for Half the Price! Sunless Tanner Towel Solution for Face and Half Body. Self Tanning Indoor Away from the Sun Gives Gold Glow For Men & Women

  • THE WORLD'S BEST TANNING WIPES FOR THE BEST DEAL- We offer the best tanning solution, product wise AND price wise! Compare and see!
  • SAY GOODBYE TO PALE WINTER SKIN: We know you want to look your best all year long. Winter is no excuse to abandon your skincare and that's why we're here! The INNOVATIVE advanced tan formula made by Thermalabs will transform even the fairest skin to a perfect smooth gentle bronze in LESS THAN 4 HOURS, saves time, streaks free. You'll smile like you've just been on a holiday in st tropez!
  • WHO SAYS TANNING ISN'T GOOD FOR YOU? GET THE LOOK WITHOUT THE DAMAGE: You can get all those compliments for your skin's beautiful bronzed color without having to expose yourself to dangerous sun-radiation which we are all well aware of; You are right to care about your skin, and Thermalabs Glow2Go bronzing towels will give you a worry free, natural looking tan all year long
  • TAKE YOUR TANNERS ANYWHERE YOU WANT - COMPACT, EASY AND CLEAN; This pack by Thermalabs contains 10 individually wrapped self tanning wipes, hygienic and simple to use. Take anywhere for the perfect self-tan at home or on the go; Use a single towelette for your lower body and one for the top, then you can simply throw the two of them away after use without worry about cleaning or washing anything (as you would with a regular bronzer). Make life simple with this awesome solution!
  • ENJOY AN INDOOR TANNER THAT IS SAFE FOR YOU - We use 100% safe ingredients in our Thermalabs Glow2Go self tanning towelettes, no toxic chemicals like in the conventional bronzers and self tan lotions out there! You'll never have to worry about what you're putting on your body, even you - with the sensitive skin! Safe for a facial tan as well! A quick personal tanning session after a bath so you can look and feel amazing!

**There's nothing worse than that moment in the middle of the winter when you realize your skin is no longer shiny bronze but rather colorless and dull.** You are covering your pasty white skin from the world, waiting and wishing to look your best again! And just when it looks like the sun will never shine again, it does, in it's full glory. You are eager to get your tan back and reveal that sexy you again, but you worry about sunburns, wrinkles, discoloration and skin cancer. Why do you have to choose between your beauty and your health?! Well, you don't! Meet Thermalabs **INNOVATIVE** self tanning towelettes which can turn even the whitest skin to beautiful sexy bronze in just 4 hours, no radiation needed! So get ready to glow all year long! Forget all about those messy self tanning lotions out there. With Thermalabs disposable self tanning towelettes you don't have to worry about cleaning or washing anything. After 4 hours you will be amazed at the results: Streak-free natural-looking tan, like you're just back from a holiday on a sunny island! Hope you're ready for the compliments... This pack contains 10(!) individually wrapped premium towelettes. As a gift, you will be emailed Thermalabs best selling guide "Self Tan Secrets" (sold separately on Amazon for $10!). Researched and written by Thermalabs formula technicians, this guide reveals all the secrets you need to know about self-tanning! So what are you waiting for? Click the **'Add to Cart'** button right now and prepare to look sexy and attractive anywhere, anytime! View Details

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