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Magic Hair Dressing - Hair building fibers hair loss concealer.NEW on Amazon USA, Best Seller in Korea - Natural Black

  • Magic Hair Dressing is a Natural Product. FDA Approved
  • Instantly conceals your thin hair or bald spot.
  • Perfect Natural look. nobody can catch you having this hair even at a close look
  • Easy application - Resist rain, sweat and wind
  • Last all day, night or even longer - Can instantly be washed out by shampoo or soap

**MAGIC HAIR DRESSING Perfect New Solution for 'Hair Loss' Problem!** 1\. Special Features \- Immediately conceals hair loss or thin hair spot ( Not recommend for bald head) \- Makes perfectly natural look. Nobody can catch you having thin hair even at a close look \- Resists rain, sweat and wind \- Not stains your skin or shirts \- Gives remarkable strength to existing hair \- Lasts all day, night or even longer \- Can instantly be washed out by shampoo or soap \- Made in Korea** 2\. How 'MAGIC HAIR DRESSING' Differentiates Itself from Ordinary Products? \- Sponge pad-tapping type: Not a dust-spraying type \- No scattering around while applying \- No mess-up the bathroom \- Mostly natural ingredients: Main ingredient is Silica, like in the sand \- Safe: FDA Approved \- Easy application: No need of any special tools or applicator **How to use 'MAGIC HAIR DRESSING'** 1) Before use, lift up and open the outer cap → twist counter-clockwise and open the sponge cap → remove transparent plastic → twist clockwise and close sponge cap 2) Dry your hair thoroughly before applying MAGIC HAIR DRESSING, and comb the existing hair on hair-loss area as much as possible. 3) Start tapping MAGIC HAIR DRESSING on the hair strands from the border of hair-loss area first, then towards the center of that area. 4) Repeat 'tapping' and 'combing' cycle while applying MAGIC HAIR DRESSING on hair-loss area. 5) Spray My Ami 'MAGIC HAIR MIST' or other brand spray all over the treated area 6) For Strong hold and water resistance, spray "Mist" and dry hair with hair dryer. View Details

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