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Black Hair Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer for Thinning Hair similar to TOPPIK XFusion Luxe Instant Thicker Hair for Men & Women X'mas Promotion Gift KAV Lifestyle

  • Natural static that bind with real hair. It stays in place for the entire day
  • Sprinkle hair fiber onto thinning area then add hair spray after final touch up.
  • THICKER LOOKING HAIR IN SECONDS: It covers up thinning hair in seconds!
  • NATURAL Fibers. Gentle on the scalp, hypoallergenic, NOT CLOG pores
  • WORK FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN: effective formula to help you regain your confidence

Color:Black Our hair building fibers were created to provide the most natural coverage for any hair texture. Under a microscopic view of 100 times, each hair fiber is long and slim like human hair. Every color option is dyed with natural colorants and is fade resistant. Due to its natural electrically charged state, the high quality fibers intertwine and attach to your real hair to minimize bald spots and thicken thinning hair. Step out with new confidence! View Details

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