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Peripera Blur Pang Banana Milk Blur 1.7 Ounce Yellow

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  • Volume : 1.7 Ounce / Manufacturing date is printed on packaging / Use within 12 months of opening.
  • Details : Instantly creates a na tural, brighter complexion / The Blurring Capsules burst on skin for natural coverage / Skin looks fairer and brighter with banana milk whitening effect / Country of Origin : South Korea
  • The product results may vary depending on your skin tone and type. / The color displayed may vary depending on your screen.
  • How to use : 1. Apply a small amount as the last step of your skincare routine or before applying sunscreen. / 2. Spread evenly to get a natural, fairer complexion! / 3. Let the sweet scent of banana milk lift your mood.

**[Item Feature].** (1) Banana Milk Blur CC instantly creates a fair, glowing complexion : Get a fair, glowing complexion instantly!. (2) Bursting Blurring Capsules! Natural Coverage!: The blurring capsules burst open on the surface of the skin, providing natural coverage. (3) The real banana extract lightens up your skin from the inside : If your skin becomes splotchy red after washing it, start using Blur Pang Banana Milk Blur today. The rich blend of natural banana extract, New Zealand bovine colostrum, Jeju goat milk, and vitamin complex soothes and lightens up your skin from the inside out. \- 10.000ppm 99% natural banana extract!: The nutrient rich banana extract lightens up the skin from the inside out!. \- New Zealand bovine colostrum for baby-soft skin : The bovine colostrum sourced from the pristine regions of New Zealand keeps your skip baby-soft with its whitening and calming properties. \- Highly nutritious Jeju goat milk for healthy skin : Closest in structure to human milk, goat milk helps strengthen the skin with its exceptional nutritional benefits. \- Vita Complex10 for a brighter skin tone! : The complex of 10 different types of vitamins instantly brightens up your face and keeps it looking healthy and radiant!. \- Peach Blur CC PEACH Milk Blur : UV Protection, Color Correction : Vibrant and bright complexion : (Skin Type) Pale, lifeless. \- Milk CC PURE Milk Blur : Skin tone brightener for face and body : Clean and innocent cool skin tone : (Skin Type) Dull and yellowish complexions. \- Banana Milk CC BANANA Milk Blur : Blurring Effect, Natural Coverage : Clean and clear complexion (Skin Type) Uneven skin tone. View Details

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