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Lipstick case with mirror,EOWEO Waterproof Long Lasting Liquid Polarize Light Lipstick Makeup Lip Gloss Lip

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Waterproof Long Lasting Liquid Polarize Light Lipstick Makeup Lip Gloss Lip Feature: Long-lasting/ Kissproof/ Waterproof; Polarize Light, Highly saturated, Highly pigmented, Easy to wear. Detail: Brand: DNM Package Weight: 20g Size: 9.5cmx1.5cmx1.5cm Color: 6 Colors How to use: Depending upon how it's applied, this versatile formula goes from providing full coverage to creating a stained lip. Notes: 1\. Please be kindly informed that colors of the item you receive might be slightly different from pictures on the item page. Please kindly understand that pictures are only for your reference and we should make the color of the actual product as standard. 2\. Please do not for purposes other than makeup. 3\. Keep out of the reach of kids. Package Content: 1x Lip Gloss View Details

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