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Hair Growth Light Comb, LuckyFine - Regrowth Massage Therapy Combs To Grow Thicker & Fuller Hair, Hair Loss Treatment For Women & Men with Thinning Hair

  • It nourishes your hair with light full of nutrient and makes it more glossy.
  • The comb can speeds up blood circulation and promotes metabolism. oxygen and nutrient can be delivered to hair follicles effectively and thus prevent hair loss.
  • Stimulates hair follicles: it works well on stimulating hair follicles and makes 83 percent of those under hibernation active again in order to lessen hair loss and make hair grow again.
  • Oil production regulation: over oil production caused by sebaceous gland tumidness is also a reason for hair loss. This device can narrow sebaceous gland and lessen oil production and thus improve hair loss.
  • Promotes scalp health and hair quality: illuminating hair follicles can speed up the growth of hair and strengthen its tautness, thickness and elasticity.

**Feature:** 1\. Extensive applicability: apply to both male and female 2\. No risk, no side effects, Delicate and convenient. **Four functions:** 1\. Speed up the blood circulation of scalp and promote metabolism 2.stimulate hair follicle, improve its immunity 3\. Adjust sebum secretion function, improve hair loss 4\. Promote scalp healthy, improve hair quality **Package Inlcudes:** 1 x Hair Growth Comb 1 x plug 1 x English Manual View Details

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