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Hair Growth LED Photon Comb 4 in 1 Vibration Massager Hair Loss Therapy Anti-Loss Hair Repellent Brush USB Rechargeable

  • Healthy massage, anti-loss and promote hair regrowth.
  • Leading-in nutrition, improve the condition of the hair.
  • Blue LED hair relaxing root, red LED help regrowth.
  • Control oil secretion, clean the dirt between the hair.
  • Improve the health of the scalp and hair quality, the ability to accelerate hair regrowth and improve tightness, finally, the hair becomes shiny.

1\. LED Wave Treatment red wave: it has a strong function of cells activation, metabolism strengthen; it can induce rejection of dead cells and regeneration of new cells. Blue wave: It has relaxing effect and function to relieve pain, decrease overfilling erythrocytes, tissue ablation congestion and improve lymphatic system. Mixed wave: It can induce healing of wounds and ulcers, increase phagocytosis of white blood cells and improve the body's immune function. 2\. Massage ball outlet after the balloon touches the scalp, feeding it liquid (or other liquids) flows to the scalp. the liquid flows regularly from many rows and holes. the use is comfortable and smooth. 3\. Massage vibration Vibration massage physics is good for the brain and nerves. it also invites regeneration and nourishing hair. 4\. Positive / Negative ions The positive ions of the harmful materials in positive ion heap and make them export skin. the negative ions of the beneficial things in negative electronic flux and make them import into the skin. Package Includes (Retail Packaging Box): 1 x Hair Growth Comb 1 x USB Cable 1 x English Manual View Details

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