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Bliss Brush - Detangling Hair Brush with Hair Brush Cleaner - Blissfully Detangle Wet or Dry Hair - Teal

  • &#x1F506;<p><b>BLISSFULLY DETANGLE LOCKS</b> → Tame your tangles with our miraculous Bliss Brush. Made with innovative high quality, 150 nylon bristles will gently glide through knots creating less friction than ordinary hair brushes resulting in reduced hair loss and breakage.</p><br>
  • &#x1F506;<p><b>BLISS BRUSH CLEANER</b> → Our Bliss Brush offers a built-in brush cleaner that keeps your hair brush looking clean and beautiful while removing any buildup of gel or hairspray residue.</p><br>
  • &#x1F506;<p><b>ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED</b> → The curved shape functions with all hair types by allowing optimum contact points and angles with the scalp while promoting natural hair oil stimulation.</p><br>
  • &#x1F506;<p><b>STIMULATES AND MASSAGES SCALP THOROUGHLY</b> → The extended nylon pinballs are great to massage and stimulate your scalp. This means it can replace your fingertips if you are feeling lazy. Apply your preferable hair oil and move the brush on your scalp in circular motions. Try Jojoba oil! </p><br>
  • &#x1F506;<p><b>100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE</b> → Bliss Brush is backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. </p><br>

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