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Mia Fluffy Hair Ponywrap Hair Accessory, Pretty Stylish Ponytail Holder Made Of Synthetic Wig Hair On An Elastic Rubber Band, Instant Hair + Volume, Light Brown, For Women, Girls, Dress Up 1 pc

  • Mia Fluffy Hair Ponywrap is a ponytail wrap made of synthetic wig hair on an elastic rubberband.
  • It is made out of quality wig hair that acts like a mirror, picking up and reflecting one's own hair color.
  • It can be worn around the ponytail like a regular ponytailer or flip ponytail through for a full chignon style.
  • It is worn for dress up, holidays, parties, or everyday casual wear.
  • Elastic, one size fits all. Works on all hair types, For women and girls of all ages. 1 piece per package.

Mia Fluffy Hair Ponywrap is a ponytailer made of quality synthetic/faux wig hair on an elastic rubberband. It adds volume and makes a pretty chignon. The hair does not have to match one's hair color perfectly. These products act as an "accent" to the hair. Light brown/frosted color. 1 piece per package. Other colors also available by Mia Beauty/Mosaic Brands Inc.: blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. View Details

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