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Muscle Pain Massage Oil - Muscle and Joint Pain Relief - Anti Cellulite Massage Oil for Men and Women - Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Healing - Deep Tissue Massage Lotion - Natural Anti Aging Oil …

  • MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF MASSAGE OIL naturally helps to heal aches and pains without pills or tablets. It is a healthier alternative for the everyday aches every one experiences from time to time in life.
  • OUR MUSCLE RELAXING OIL pure essential oils of lemon, basil, rosemary, and carrier oil jojoba with Vitamin E were carefully chosen for their healing properties to invigorate senses and relax muscles.
  • OUR THERAPEUTIC STRENGTH formula reduces effects & irritation from swelling. Our recipe is enhanced with lavender for additional calming effects that aromatherapists promote as a true healing method.
  • ANTI CELLULITE and other signs of aging, such as dry skin, our ingredients naturally moisturize to ensure a full body relief after you're done massaging your muscles and joints leaving you ache free.
  • OUR INGREDIENTS work harmoniously to create an anti aging effect. The sweet almond oil, among other pure oils, nourishes the skin leaving it soft & smooth, without the wrinkles. It is ultra hydrating.

Our massage oil is designed for deep tissue massages. Its perfect consistency adds enough lubrication for an easy glide over the body without leaving any messy residue behind. We want you to be able to treat those cranky, painful aches and knots. That doesn't mean you should need to deal with being slick and slimy afterwards. Our pain relief oil avoids all that nasty residue with an easily absorbed formula that supplies your body with nourishment and moisture. Our massage oil is for women and men alike and has a natural scent that comes from the botanical ingredients. These ingredients have numerous health benefits. They were chosen for their homeopathic qualities. They have a hydrating quality that fights against wrinkles and cellulite to maintain your youthful glow while keeping you smooth and even toned. Our body oil for dry skin is a muscle relaxing compound. It has calming qualities that soothe help to soothe your mind while your body's tension is released. Our muscle and joint pain relief oil works for an all over relaxation and toxin release, the physical and mental types, to ensure complete calm and pleasure. * Anti Wrinkle * Anti aging * Natural essential oils * Muscle and joint pain relief * Tension release * Aromatherapy benefits - Stress relief View Details

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